Saturday, June 02, 2012

Back in Israel

The flights from the States were uneventful, though they rushed us to board the flight from JFK early and  then we ended up sitting for over two hours.  Meals were blah, but I did manage to sleep 4 hours on the flight to Tel-Aviv, so I'm not a complete wreck today.

Ofer picked me up at the airport and I'm now is his apartment off Rabin Square.  He has a beautiful view of the rooftop of central Tel-Aviv and one can just make out a sliver of the Mediterranean on the horizon.  He has a great place.

Tomorrow, I'll head up to Jerusalem to settle into my hotel.  I brought my laptop and so far it's doing fine in terms of using the power and of connecting to the wifi.  I've never used wifi on this before (it's a rather old laptop, which is why I brought it), but it's behaving itself.

My only regret on this whole trip is I'm going to miss the season finale of Game of Thrones, and will have to wait until July to see it.

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