Sunday, July 15, 2007

Trip Pictures - Berlin

[Schoenhauser Allee, Berlin. Bruce asked me to photograph the bike path]

[Bruce, in front of a fragment of the wall, Potsdamer Platz, Berlin]

[Bruce, Nollendorf Platz, Berlin]

[Memorial near Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp -- located just north of Berlin -- commemorating the death march of prisoners from the camp to prevent their liberation in April 1945]

[The main gate to Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp. Between 1936 and 1945, some 200,000 prisoners passed through this gate.]

[Washroom in the Jewish barracks, Sachsenhausen. Two weeks after Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin visited them in 1992, right-wing extremists torched them]

[Communist-era Memorial at Sachsenhausen (1961). Note how the list of nations excludes Jews, Jehovah's Witnesses, and gay men, all of whom were imprisoned and murdered in the camp, but who were not deemed worthy of memory by the DDR]

[Schloss Sansouci, Potsdam (built by Frederick the Great, 1740s)]

[Bruce in the Sansouci Gardens, Potsdam]

[Gardens, Sansouci Castle, Potsdam]

[Bildergalerie, Potsdam]

[Brandenburg Tor]

Friday, July 13, 2007

Trip Pictures - Krakow, Warsaw

[Rain clouds over Krakow]

[The beginning of the Saturday evening open-air concert at the 17th annual Krakow Jewish Cultural Festival in the former Jewish neighborhood of Kazimierz]

[Dancing at the Jewish Cultural Festival]

[Polish children dancing to klezmer music at festival]

[Courtyard in Kazimierz]

[Fragment of Yiddish advertisement in Kazimierz (it says "fleish" -- meat)]

[Gateway to Oskar Schindler's Factory near former Krakow ghetto]

[Fragment of original wall decoration - Kupa Synagogue, Kazimierz]

[Fragment of original wall decoration - Isaac Synagogue, Kazimierz]

[Australian tourist passed out in front of hostel door (he was locked out of his room; I sent the staff person up to let him in)]

[Remnant of Warsaw Ghetto Wall]

[Monument to the Warsaw Resistance during WWII]

Trip Pictures - Zakopane, Poland

[My sleeping compartment on the train from Budapest to Poland]

[Heading toward Poland]

[Typical Zakopane architecture]

[View of Mt. Giewont from my hotel room]

[The trail to Morski Oko, near Zakopane]

[Horse carts on the trail to Morski Oko]

[Taking a horse cart to Morski Oko]

[The guest hut at Morski Oko]

[Panorama view of Morski Oko]

[The steep hike to Czarny Staw lake]

[Czarny Staw lake]

[Me, at Czarny Staw lake]

[The Dolina Kościeliska trail, near Zakopane]

[Dolina Kościeliska]

[Horse cart on te Dolina Kościeliska trail]

[Hala Ornak, the end of the Dolina Kościeliska trail]

[The Hut at Hala Ornak]

[Niedzica Castle]

[The hills near the Pieniny Mountains]

[Rafting on the Dunajec River]

[Me, on the Dunajec, in front of the Three Crowns]

[The wooden church in Dubno, Poland]

[Gorce Hills of Southern Poland]

[Mt. Giewont]

[Loading Hay on Gubałówka Hill, above Zakopane]

Trip Pictures - Hungary

[18th-century Burial Society Book, Jewish Museum, Budapest]

[The Orthodox Synagogue, Budapest]

[Rumbach Synagogue]

[The Budapest Children's Railway]

[Communist-era mural showing the scouts running the Budapest Children's Railway]

[Signaling the locomotive]

[Ticket Collector]

[Erzebet Look Out Tower in the Buda Hills]

[Seeing the Buda Hills by chairlift]

[Esztergom Cathedral -- where the Hungarian king converted to Christianity in 1000.]

[A view of Esztergom, the Danube River, and the bridge to Slovakia, from Esztergom Castle -- the first capital of Hungary]

[Former Esztergom Synagogue. The Jews of Esztergom were deported to Auschwitz on June 5 and 6, 1944. The synagogue was turned into a technical training school by the communists.]

[Grandmother and children in Esztergom town square]

[Cafe au lait at Gundel]

[Dessert table at Gundel]

[Lanchid hid over the Danube]

[Funicular to the top of the Buda hill]

[Hungarian Parliament]

[Cabbalistic designs on fragment of medieval synagogue on Buda Hill -- destroyed following the capture of Buda from the Ottoman Turks in 1688]

[Ruszwurm Cafe -- founded in 1827]