Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Photos - MS Amalotus

A tour of the ship:

Our stateroom:

Safety drill on deck:

The dining room:


(Arnon and Bernie)

(Carl and Bob, on far right [Carl's wife, Carol, is in the green shirt with her back to the camera])

The lounge:

(Diane, on far right)

("Tex" talking to Bernie)

Performances in the lounge:

The upper deck's bar:

(Carl, getting his early morning coffee)

In Phonm Penh, we were docked with the sister ship, Ms La Marguerite. I walked over and took a few pictures:

Monday, February 06, 2012

Photos - Driving to Prek Kdam

We had a 5.5 hour transfer from Siem Reap to Prek Kdam (where we boarded the MS Amalotus). Dad wasn't feeling well this day.

The market in Skoun:

(Dave eats a fried tarantula while Janet films).

(Bob [L] and "Tex" [R] talking. Behind them, wearing green shorts and a white cap is "Frau Fabbisiner").

Photos - Siem Reap

Scenes from the Central Market in Siem Reap.

Lunch at the Khmer Kitchen


Across the street, in the Central Market:

(squid and prawns)

(showing off my new bed cover)

Dinner at Abacus:

Photos - Bantay Srei, School, and Angkor Wat

Bantay Srei is famous for its unique, Hindu-inspired carvings.


These musicians were raising funds for people crippled by land mines:


Afterwards, we went to a local school supported by AMA Waterways:


Angkor Wat:

The Gallery of 1000 Buddhas

(Team Yellow - From right to left: Richard, Richard, Shannon, Amiko, [?], and Jill [in the orange pants]. "Mr. Krohbuy" is standing on the portico, hands on his hips and looking up. "Bud the Stud" is in the very front photographing).

(There was a Buddhist Temple on this side).

(A fortune teller).

The Second Terrace (the Third Terrace was closed for cleaning):

(Team Green [except "Mr. Krohbuy" had joined us by this point]. From left to right: "Mrs. Krohbuy, dad, Carol, Irene, Carol's husband [in red shirt], "Mr. Krohbuy" [hands again on hips, looking up], our guide, Kevin [from South Africa], Doug [with his back to me], Thom and Gloria [from Palm Desert]. I think the guy in the yellow shirt on the side was in team yellow too).

(Next to dad and me: Carol and Irene).

Climbing back down to the First Terrace: