Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Highlights of Study Abroad Trip - Krakow

On the train to Krakow:

St. Mary's Church (in the Rynek):

The Barbican:

A late afternoon snack:

Walking around the Old City:

Meeting with Polish graduate students for dinner:

Nathan's Villa Hostel:

The Schindler Factory Museum:

Fragment of Krakow Ghetto wall:

Scenes in the former Krakow Ghetto:

Camp Commandant Amon Goeth's home (it's for sale):

Memorials at Plaszow
Communist era:


Walking around Kazimierz:

Dinner at Szara Kazimierz
"Springtime Tatanka" (for me):

"Strawberry Mojito" (for everyone else):

Strawberry Tiramisu (for dessert):

The Estonian High School Students' Graduation Trip
This student had just mixed together a bottle of rum and coke for the bus (those are his teachers behind him):

This was the student who was left behind:

On the train to Tarnow:


Ethnographic Museum (of the Roma):

Tarnow Rynek and street scenes:

Memorial to the first prisoners taken to Auschwitz:

The former Jewish bathhouse:

Storm clouds:

Anti-Semitic graffiti:

Dinner at Wesele:


Items stolen from victims:

Paintings by former prisoners depicting daily life in Auschwitz:

The so-called "Little White House" (the gas chamber and Crematorium I in Auschwitz):

Roma Pavillion:

Quarantine Barracks:

The Women's Camp:

The Extermination Area:
Where the ashes were dumped:

Ruins of Crematorium II:

Ruins of the Undressing Room:

Ruins of the Gas Chamber:

Ruins of Crematorium V:

The Sauna (where new prisoners were inducted into the camp):

Dinner (at U Babici Maliny):

Day trip to Zakopane:
Horse Carts to Morski Oko

The Lodge at Morski Oko:

The Lake:

Heading back to Zakopane:

Zakopane street scenes:

Late afternoon snack:

Sign for the Jewish Festival in Krakow:

Walking tour of Kazimierz synagogues:

Lunch in Kazimierz:

Wawel Castle:

Caught without an umbrella:

Farewell Dinner at Szara Kazimierz:

Last breakfast at the hostel: