Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Highlights of Study Abroad Trip - Prague

The Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague:

Rain near the Church of Tyn:

The Charles Bridge:

Dinner in Malastrana at Cafe des Paris:

Malastrana and the Charles Bridge in the evening:

The entrance to our hotel (the stairs to the right at the end of the corridor, NOT the business in the back):

The ghetto field at Theresienstadt:

The crematorium:

The town of Terezin:

The entrance to the Small Fortress:

Our guide for the Small Fortress:


Where Gavrilo Princip was held:

Interior passage along outer fortifications:

Place of executions:

A very Madonna-like memorial:

The new cells:

One of my favorite pieces of public art: by David Cerny:

Dinner at the Municipal House Cafe:

Beige food:

My dinner and dessert:

Prague at sunset:

More public art:

The fields around Lidice:

The memorial entrance at Lidice, depicting the destruction of the town, the imprisonment of the women, and the murder of the men:

The former town:

The memorial to the murdered children:

The mass grave of the men:

The ride back to Prague:

A late lunch at Cukrakavalimonada:

The Prague Metro:

Farmer's Market:

The sleeper train to Warsaw:

My compartment:

On the way to Poland:

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