Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Highlights of Study Abroad Trip - Warsaw

Fragment of the Warsaw Ghetto wall:

One block of tenements from the Warsaw Ghetto:

Instead of pizza sauce, ketchup:

Breakfast in Lodz:

Streets in the Litzmannstadt Ghetto (Lodz):

Radagast Station:

What Lodz might look like if it were renovated:

Anatewka restaurant (a "Jewish-themed" restaurant in Lodz)

Mugging for the camera:

On the train back to Warsaw, with views of the Polish countryside:

The Palace of Culture, Stalin's "Gift" to Poland:

Lunch in Old Town, Lublin:


Canisters of Zyklon B:

The Gas Chamber:

Items taken from prisoners/victims:


Drawings done by prisoners of other prisoners:

A model of the camp:

The "Shrine":

To the surviving barracks:

The crematorium:

The trenches where over 10,000 Lublin Jews were shot in 1943:

The urn holding two tons of human ash:

The train back to Warsaw through the Polish plain:

A monument to the Warsaw 'Rising:

Breakfast near the Old City of Warsaw:

The Gate to the Old City:

The Rynek:

The Castle:

The new stadium for the FIFA games next year:

Gessler Restaurant (in the Michelin Guide), in the Nowy Swiat neighborhood:

Coffee in Blikl Cafe:

Our hotel in Warsaw:

Touring the Memorial at the Site of the Treblinka Death Camp:

Model of the Camp in the Treblinka Museum:

Memorials in the Former Warsaw Ghetto:

The New Museum for the History of Polish Jews (under construction):


Former SS building on Umschlagplatz:

More street art:

The Janusz Korczak Orphanage:

The Palace of Culture:

Our second hotel in Warsaw:

Do it yourself heart health:

Dinner at Vogue/Style

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