Thursday, July 12, 2007

Trip Pictures - Austria/Slovakia

I spent most of my time in Vienna on side trips to Mauthausen and Bratislava.

[Hundertwasser's design for a new flag for New Zealand in Kunsthauswien, Vienna]

[Hundertwasser's life/art philosophy]

[Entering the town of Mauthausen]

[Mauthausen Concentration Camp]

[Gas Chamber, Mauthausen Concentration Camp]

[Crematorium, Mauthausen Concentration Camp]

[Rock Quarry, Mauthausen Concentration Camp -- inmates would say that each ascent of these stairs laden with stones took a year off your life]

[St. Michael's Church, Bratislava]

[Old Town, Bratislava]

[Main Square, Bratislava]

[Protest at Presidential Palace, Bratislava]

[Communist-Era statue in Bratislava]

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