Thursday, July 12, 2007

Trip Pictures - Prague and Czech Republic

To save on bandwith, I've posted these photos in thumbnail sketch form. To see the full picture, just click on it.

[Architectural Details - Wenceslas Square]

[Architectural Details - Wenceslas Square]

[Architectural Details - Wenceslas Square]

[House of the Black Madonna - Prague's Cubist Museum]

[Cubist Furniture]

[Municipal House -- elegant coffee house at lower left]

[Window display, Staré Město]

[Old Jewish Cemetery, Josefov]

[Covered promenade, Karlovy Vary -- aka Karlsbad]

[Boys Group Home, Theresienstadt Ghetto -- now museum and memorial]

[Recreated Stage Sets from Theresienstadt Ghetto -- Madgeburg Barracks (I snuck this photo when no one was looking)]

[The Small Fortress, Theresienstadt]

[Memorial near Theresienstadt where ashes of those cremated were dumped]

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