Thursday, January 21, 2010

Photos - Scenes From the Ship

Over the course of the week, I took many photos on board the ship. Here is an overview of what it looked like.

First, here's how we boarded the ship each time we came to it:

The zodiacs came in on deck two, we took off our life jackets on deck three, and then climbed up to deck four, where on the stern of the ship was the Beagle Grill. This gentleman usually had beer, wine, and appetizers waiting when we came up:

There were tables to sit and chat and enjoy the views:

(This is a photo of the two British couples -- seated -- along with Harvey, who lectured on Judy Garland -- standing. The two in the middle stayed over the extra day in Quito and we had many conversations. Both were Jewish. The one in the white shirt loved books on modern history, while his wife -- in the light blue shirt -- and late mother-in-law, escaped Nazi Germany in 1939).

After you enter the ship, you come to the bar.

After the culinary demonstration, I decided to order a "red-footed boobie martini." Here the bartender is making it for me.

And here's the finished product:

Adjacent to the bar was the Discovery Lounge. This is where we had our daily briefings, as well as the talent show, shellbacking ceremony, and trivia contest. I often sat here and read or typed out my blog on a laptop I rented.

If you chose to go upstairs to deck five, you came to the Blue Finch Bar. I often came up here for cocktails and to chat with Dwight, Simon, Mark, Paul, Gayle, and Angelos after our afternoon excursions. On the last night, we at our final dinner here.

(From left to right: Gayle, Sandy, Gene, and Dad).

Gene was celebrating his 85th birthday, and so the crew and the maitre d' came to serenade him. Unfortunately, my camera did not entirely oblige:

On deck six, we had lounge chairs

and a hot tub (which I used once):

If, however, one decided to go back down to deck three, there was Darwin's restaurant, where we usually ate our meals.

(Here dad is having breakfast with Hylon, who was from Idaho, and who always wore this green sea turtle cap).

(The middle island always had fresh fruit in the morning. Dad and I really enjoyed the white pineapple, and ate it every day).

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