Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Photos - North Seymour Island

Here are a few shots from our arrival on the ship to our first excursion to North Seymour Island.

This is Jiovanna, one of the naturalists on the ship, and our guide for our first Zodaic ride to the ship:

Here are Dwight and Simon, a great couple from Maryland, with whom we often ate and traveled:

Our stateroom:

Another view (with dad):

A dry landing on North Seymour with another zodiac in the background (but not our cruise ship behind them):

These are great frigate birds in flight. To me, they always slightly resembled pterodactyls:

A pair of swallow-tailed gulls:

A sea lion pup (they smell bad, by the way):

This was our first look at a land iguana:

This is a pair of male great frigate birds watching over a chick. The male on the left has puffed out his chest in a courtship display for a nearby female:

We came across a whole bunch of great frigate birds nesting in trees:

Here's a famous blue-footed boobie:

And here are some shots of a male blue-footed boobie doing his courtship display:

And here is a male blue-footed boobie protecting his egg:

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