Thursday, January 21, 2010

Photos - Santiago Island

I decided to take the long walk and snorkel excursion, while dad chose the zodiac ride along the coast. We saw much of the same sea life, though from different angles.

We landed on a volcanic beach. Later, when we went snorkeling, we saw many, very beautiful fish along these rocks.

On the beach, we were greeted by the normal assortment of sea lions:

As we walked over land, we also saw our regular assortment of birds, including the Galapagos flycatcher

and mockingbird:

After a few minutes, we reached the volcanic cliffs and lava tunnels

Here we saw more marine iguanas and a heron

but also fur sea lions

they are smaller than sea lions (as you can see in this male, below) and are covered in a thicker fur (hence the name). They were slaughtered nearly to extinction.

The path along the beach crossed lava fields, weird ash deposits, and lava tunnels

Our hike concluded with a nice view of a Galapagos hawk:

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