Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Photos - Española Island

I've downloaded all the photos from the trip and now I'm going through them and editing them. Here are a sample from the afternoon we spend on Española Island.

Here are two close ups of marine iguanas (they call it the "Christmas Iguana" because of its coloration:

Here's a lava lizard:

A sleeping sea lion pup:

A yellow-crested night heron:

An american oystercatcher:

My father and I by some marine iguanas:

A male nazca boobie and chick (the chick is only a few day's old and is still naked):

Here's a nazca boobie with an older chick, who already is covered in down:

I convinced our naturalist to take a group photo of us (we were one of six or so groups touring the island from the boat):

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