Thursday, January 21, 2010

Photos - Quito

Our first arrival into Quito was at 2 am, so I'll show you what it looked like when we landed the second time:

This crowd was here to greet the Guayaquil soccer team, arriving on the next flight:

I tried to get a photo of the guy with the Che Guevara flag, but I could only get this:

Of course, people were selling items at intersections:

Dad loved all the flowers in the hotel. Raising and exporting flowers is one of Ecuador's prime commodities.

The first time we stayed in Quito, our view was of the back parking lot. The second time, we looked out towards the mountains:

Much of the center of Quito is colonial:

There's the presidential palace:

With its guards and gardens:

Of course, there are many churches:

But there are also locals:

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