Sunday, January 16, 2011

Photos - Jerusalem

I didn't take any photos of our hotel in Jerusalem (Dan Boutique - Hebron Road), but here are the views from the 3rd floor patio.

Looking west, toward the German Colony and Emek Refaim:

Looking north, toward the Old City

We explored various parts of the city, beginning with the Old City.

We drove up to the Jaffa Gate, past the Cinemateque:

By the Tower of David:

The Zion Gate:

Big cauliflowers:

The newly rebuilt Hurvah Synagogue:

A bakery in the Jewish Quarter:

The Cardo

A home in the Mixed Quarter, where someone had gone on the Hajj:

The "Broad Wall" built by King Hezekiah in 720 BCE to defend Jerusalem against the Assyrians:

The Herodian Mansions Museum in the Jewish Quarter. These are the remains of about six rich mansions occupied by priestly families during the Second Temple Period. They were burned by the Romans when they captured the Upper City on the 8th of Elul, 70 CE.

A mikveh in the basement:

Decorated rooms on the ground floor:

Wall frescoes, some showing traces from the fire:

From there we walked to the Western Wall of the Temple Mount.

The Women's section:

the Men's section:

From there we walked through the Mixed and Muslim Quarters to the Damascus Gate:

A model of Jerusalem at the time of King Herod on display at the Israel Museum:

We came back to the Old City on another day and toured the southern wall excavations. It was Thursday morning, prime bar mitzvah time:

The Herodian street at the base of the Western Wall:

The entrance to a mikveh at the base of one of the stair cases leading to the Temple Mount:

The Huldah Gates on the southern wall (double gates to exit, triple gates to enter):

The Ummayad Palace beneath the Al Aqsa Mosque:

Looking from the Ottoman walls south towards Abu Tor:

The City of David Excavations:


We also explored parts of the New City of Jerusalem, including the nineteenth-century neighborhood of Nahalat Shiva:

We also went to the German Colony:

The Greek Colony (aka Emek Refaim):

The subject of my dissertation:

My old apartment in Emek Refaim

My old cafe (formerly Aroma):

My old vegetable market:

One afternoon, I went to Yad Vashem. I got off the bus on Mt. Herzl by the Calder statue and started walking. In a few months, there will be a light rail stop here.

On the way back, I walked through the newly restored Mamilla Mall:

The mall runs to the base of the Jaffa Gate.

The first night, the hotel recommended the Colony restaurant on the edge of the German Colony:

The second night, we went to Rossini's, an Italian restaurant in the Christian Quarter of the Old City.

The third night, we went to Shanty, in Nahalat Shivah:

We all enjoyed our lunch at Caffit in Emek Refaim, near the Greek Colony:

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