Wednesday, January 12, 2011

En Route -- At Last!

Today was a great day in Tel-Aviv; it worked out far better than if we had planned it. However, none of us have any clean clothes left and we're all ready to get home.

We went back to Ernesto's for dinner tonight, and this time we all just ordered starter courses, two per person. As a result, we all had room for dessert, but I think dad and I enjoyed our strawberry tiramisu more than mom and Rochelle liked splitting the napoleon.

We got to the airport a little early, but that worked out great as we got ahead of one Taglit-Birthright group (but after another). Sure enough, we've been bumped up to business class for the flight to New York, and we've requested upgrades for the flight to San Diego too.

Right now, mom and I are in the Dan Lounge at Ben Gurion. Our flight boards in a half an hour. I'll update from New York if I can.

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