Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Photos - Floreana Island

This is the day we saw the flamingoes, sea turtles, and penguins.

Here's a good example of the volcanic sea scapes we saw:

When we landed on Floreana, we came to this brackish lagoon, a five-minute walk from the beach, where we could see flamingoes:

Here are the flamingoes at the far side of the lagoon:

We later saw some much closer up in the same lagoon. We were told to walk slowly and quietly towards them so as not to spook them:

We saw several species of birds, including yellow warblers and Darwin finches:

From there we headed to a beach where the sea turtles lay their eggs. The exhausted turtles were making their way back to the sea (even though a few got turned around in the surf):

Not all the turtles were laying eggs; these two were mating:

We also saw fantastic lava formations on the coast, as well as Sally Lightfood crabs:

In the afternoon, we visited another part of the island. Here we took a zodiac through a mangrove lagoon. Here's a shot of the lagoon with a zodiac in it (you can see our ship in the distance):

Here's how close we could get to the animals:

And here are the first Galapags penguins we saw:

The bird on the top is a blue-footed boobie; the two penguins are further down:

And here some photos of our intrepid travelers, taken from the Baroness Lookout:

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