Friday, July 04, 2008


I've made some changes to my apartment, starting with the living and dining room. I've moved out one of the book cases to my office and put the stereo cabinet in the bedroom. I've also rearranged the paintings and the lamps. I still need to get two of the pictures in the room framed to hang on the wall (the long one will go between the china hutches, the blue one will go opposite the dining table).

Here's the revised living room (with the modified west wall):

A close up of the dining room table and chairs (with painting still to be framed in background):

Another shot of the revised dining room (note movement of liquor cabinet and microwave and addition of spice rack):

You can see here how I've moved out the book case and replaced it with the liquor cabinet and have also changed the paintings (you can compare the original arrangement by scrolling down):

The major change here is the reversal of the lamps and the movement of the painting:

One last view, this time from the balcony facing towards the dining room and kitchen:


Tiffany M. Higgins said...

Hi Uncle Jeff (can I call you that?, I was Googling Hundertwasser paintings when I stumbled upon your web site.
I do like the painting over the desk.
Assistant professor of--?

J.B. said...

The prints over the desk are by Reuben Spiers. I bought them in his studio in the Artists' Colony in Tzfat (aka Zefat, Safed), Israel. The one on the right is the view from his studio window, in a restored building. The one on the left is the view from a ruined building in the Jewish Quarter.

I have a set of Hundertwasser postcards I've been trying to get framed as a group, but so far, I haven't found anything I like yet.

J.B. said...

Oh, and I'm an assistant professor of History.