Thursday, June 01, 2006

If this is Donnerstag...

I must be in Vienna.

A new day, a new city, a new keyboard. I was just getting used to the French one and now they go and change it on me. At least the "a" and the "m" are back where they belong. Instead, they'ved moved the "y".

After a great dinner last night (where I drank half a bottle of Bourgeuil), I got up early this morning for my flights. There weren't any cheap flights directlzy to Vienna, so I went via Amsterdam. I arrived safe and sound and checked into my hotel. It's clean and comfortable, and the shower and toilet are two meters from my room.

I went to one of the two Jewish museums this afternoon (I'll go to the other one tomorrow) . The synagogue can only be seen by tour and the next tour isn't for a week.

I spent the last 40 minute just walking around the center of the city and looking up restaurants on the internet to get an idea of where I should eat tonight.

The weather has been colder than I expected. It was threatening rain in Paris all week, though the most it did was occassionally drizzle on Wednesday. Not much different in Vienna, though a little bit colder. I'm wondering if the sun will set at a decent hour here (it didn't get dark til after 10pm in Paris).

Bis bald.

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