Sunday, May 28, 2006

Le plus ça change

Well what a difference a day makes. Yesterday lasted 36 hours, but seemed to last forever. I was selected for super security screening twice, I had two flights delayed by over an hour, and missed my train connection in Frankfurt by only 10 minutes.

But once Iwas on the train, things began to improve. No matter how tired you are, the Rhine valley is still gorgeous. The ruined castles can excite even the most exhausted imagination. Living in So. Cal., one seemply accepts as normal the overwhelming browness of everything. It was wonderful to see green again.

The hotel is clean and comfortable. They have internet (though it was down this morning). The French keyboard is slightly different from the American, so if you see the following errors, you will know why: a for q, w for z, , for m, m for ;.

Today is a gorgeous day in Paris. I spent 4 hours at the Pompidou Centre touring their exhibit on Los Angeles. It is strange coming so far just to see LA.

It has been nearly 10 years since I've been to Paris. The city is much more diverse than I remembered it, but it still feels the same.

I thought I would spend the afternoon just strolling. Tomorrow I'm off to the archives.

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