Friday, July 13, 2007

Trip Pictures - Krakow, Warsaw

[Rain clouds over Krakow]

[The beginning of the Saturday evening open-air concert at the 17th annual Krakow Jewish Cultural Festival in the former Jewish neighborhood of Kazimierz]

[Dancing at the Jewish Cultural Festival]

[Polish children dancing to klezmer music at festival]

[Courtyard in Kazimierz]

[Fragment of Yiddish advertisement in Kazimierz (it says "fleish" -- meat)]

[Gateway to Oskar Schindler's Factory near former Krakow ghetto]

[Fragment of original wall decoration - Kupa Synagogue, Kazimierz]

[Fragment of original wall decoration - Isaac Synagogue, Kazimierz]

[Australian tourist passed out in front of hostel door (he was locked out of his room; I sent the staff person up to let him in)]

[Remnant of Warsaw Ghetto Wall]

[Monument to the Warsaw Resistance during WWII]

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