Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Rainy Day in Berlin

No problems getting from Warsaw to Berlin. Arrived in the Ostbahnhoff, picked up my seven-day metro card and got to the hotel. Unfortunately, the hotel doesn't open back up its reception until 4 pm, and my friend Bruce, who was supposed to meet me, is off somewhere touring the city. Luckily, the maid let me drop my stuff off in the room, so I don't have to schlep that around while I'm waiting.

In the meantime, I'm staying out of the rain by checking my e-mail and then the news to see if George Bush and shredded any more of the constitution since yesterday. I'm betting the answer is yes.

If I ever find Bruce, we'll head out to Unter den Linden and see whether to go to the symphony or see Mozart's "Abduction From the Seraglio" tonight (I'm leaning towards the latter, but it will depend on whether any tickets are still available).

Bis morgen.


uncle les said...

if it's the same "abduction" production about which i've read (i.e. updated and gorified senselessly), you'd do better to choose the concert.

also: one of the most interesting memorials in berlin was the bebelplatz commemorization of the nazi book burning--you peer through glass down into an underground chamber of empty book shelves. do i remember this correctly?

and: WHAT? no dessert reports? just because it's raining shouldn't be an obstacle to at least the kadewe gourmet pastry bazaar. get out there and start noshing!

J.B. said...

First, it turns out that the concert wasn't available. What I interpreted as "A travel concert through Spain and Italy" as music of those lands, it turned out meant that the orchestra would be out of town.

Second, the bizarre production wasn't that bad (although it certainly did violence to Mozart's intent).

Third, I've mostly been having afternoon snacks rather than after dinner (last night being exception). They include an apple turnover at the konditorei down the block and a Himbeer-Butter-Quark Schnitte with a Melange (cafe au lait) yesterday afternoon. Neither seemed so remarkable as to warrent a specific mention, but since you asked.

I just bought tickets for two more opera performances: Der Rosenkavalier this Sunday night and Die Fledermaus on Monday night -- both at the Komische Oper. Given their decisions with the Abduction, I suspect they will stage Act III of Die Fledermaus (set in the prison) as a commentary on Abu Ghraib.